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Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association
Calling Features (ala carte): Call Package (call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling)- $5.00 Call Forwarding- $1.50 3-Way Calling- $1.50 Call Waiting- $1.50 Caller ID, Name & Number- $5.95 Last Number Redial- $1.00 Wake-Up Services- $1.50 Warm Line- $1.00 Directory Information: Listed- No Charge Non-Listed (listed in directory assistance only)- $1.25 Non-Published (not listed anywhere)- $1.25 Eligible Lifeline Telephone Provider: Agate Mutual Telephone is an Eligible Lifeline Telephone Provider.  The Lifeline program is a discounted phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that everyone has access to phone service.  For more information, please contact our office directly.  
Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association is a member’s owned business.  Each member pays a $35.00 membership fee to join the membership, and as the company operates efficiently and has profit, a capital credit is paid out to each member, based on the income made for the year. Memberships are not required to have a phone. The Cooperative is governed by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Communications Commission.  Guidelines set forth by those agencies to establish new telephone service to a customer state that the customer must pay an installation and or line connection fee. At the time of installation here is an example of the charges you would be responsible for: Membership Fee (Optional)- $35.00 Initial Service Fee- $20.00 Line Connection Fee- $20.00                  Total Due- $75.00
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Local Telephone Service

Below is a sample of monthly charges you would be responsible for: Single Line Local Service- $21.22 FCC Access Charge- $  6.50 FCC Access Recovery Charge- $  2.50 E-911 Surcharge- $  1.20 CO Telecom Relay Service- $  0.05 Total Charges*- $31.47 *does not include federal, state, or local taxes
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